Honda Fuel Pump Assembly - 16700-Z0J-003,1


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Honda Fuel Pump Assembly - 16700-Z0J-003,1

Fits the following Generator Models: EB11000K1, EN2000, EN2500

Fits the following Tiller Models: FG400, FG500

Fits the following General Purpose Engine Models: GC135, GC160, GC160A, GC160LA, GC160LE, GC190A, GC190LA, GCV520U, GCV530, GCV530U, GS160LA, GS190LA, GX100U, GX610K1, GX610R1, GX610U1, GX620K1, GX620R1, GX620U1, GX670, GX670R, GX670U, GXH50U, GXV390RT1, GXV520U, GXV530, GXV530R, GXV530U, GXV610K1, GXV610R1, GXV610U1, GXV620K1, GXV620U1, GXV670, GXV670R, GXV670U

Fits the following Water Pump Models: WN20, WN30

This is an aftermarket produt, not an OEM.
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