A&I Products BLADE DISC MOWER RH (25 PACK) - A-76N946

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25 PACK - A&I Products BLADE DISC MOWER RH - A-76N946 Hole: 18,2 mm Length: 107 mm Wide: 45 mm Thick: 4 mm Fits John Deere models: 265 and 275. Kuhn Disc Mower: FC200, FC202, FC240P, FC243RTG, FC243TG, FC250, FC280F, FC280P, FC280RTG, FC280TG, FC283TG, FC300, FC301, FC302, FC303, FC313, FC313F FC350, FC352, FC353, FC4000, FC883, GMD350, GMD400, GMD500, GMD600, GMD600G2, GMD700, GMD700G2, GMD800, GMD801, GMD802, GMD802F, GMD883, GMD902. This is an Aftermarket Part. Thanks for looking!